Risk Management

Risk Management Advisory Service

Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit is a process that seeks to identify issues that a SME may have in areas such as finance, operations, marketing and other key areas. Internal Audit is also focused on controls and how best they may be used.

Industrial Research

Industrial Research is a proven way of seek to see if a service or product is feasible, before funds are committed on a large scale. This has saved businesses many millions of dollars undertaking such research.

Risk Management Services

Our risk management service involves all aspects of your business. This includes analysing areas such as operations, finance and marketing.  Expose (if any) risks that you may have overlooked, underestimated or unknown that require some action. Be it elimination of the risk, enhanced controls or some other action.

From this, an action plan will be put forward to the client they can see what needs to be done. Brmmi will monitor the progess and suggest any other changes.


Next Steps...

Please give us a call to discuss what we can do to help you with your risk profile. Manage those risks in various positive ways to enhance your business.